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Reference for all parameters, layouts and tags.


To change the dashboard parameters tag one code cell with the parameters.

Param Description Default
flex_title Title for the dashboard notebook file name
flex_orientation Orientation for the sections columns - meaning each section is a column and default section orientation is rows, meaning each body item is a row
flex_source_code Link to the source Notebook on the navbar None
flex_subtitle Extra textt to be added on the right of the navbar None
flex_logo Path relative to the notebook with an image to add left of the title None
flex_favicon Path relative to the notebook with an image to use as favicon None
flex_custom_css Path relative to the notebook with a .css file to be included None

The parameter tag

The parameter tag is same tag used by papermill so you can use it as part of you pipeline.

voila and flex_custom_css

By default Voila doesn't serve all files, see Serving static files.

If you are using flex_custom_css with voila you need to run it with:

voila --template=flex --VoilaConfiguration.file_whitelist="['.*']" notebook.ipynb


Param Description
level-1 header # Defines a new Page, value will be used as name of the page
level-2 header ## Defines a new Section, value is ignored
level-3 header ### Defines a new Chart that is displayed as a card, value is the card header

| Tag | Description | | sidebar` | On a level-1 header defines the global sidebar. On a level-2 header defines the page sidebar |

Cell tags

Param Description
body Show the output of this cell in the body of the card
footer Show the output of this cell in the foote of the card
help Show the output of this cell in the help modal of the card
source Add this cell as part of the source code for the card
meta Render the values of this cell on the HTML but hidden, useful for adding CSS and JS
orientation={value} Overwrite the default orientation for the page (level-1 header) and section (level-2 header)
size={value} Proportion size of the current section or chart with respect to its sibilings, default: 500